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Window Stickers

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Window Stickers - Window sticker printed on gloss clear vinyl |
Window Stickers
Window sticker printed on gloss clear vinyl
Window Stickers - Window sticker printed on gloss clear vinyl |
Window Stickers
Window sticker printed on gloss clear vinyl
Window Stickers - Comparison of white background and clear background |
Window Stickers
Comparison of white background and clear background
Window Stickers - Window sticker printed on gloss white vinyl |
Window Stickers
Window sticker printed on gloss white vinyl

Window Stickers

Digitally printed static-cling window stickers. They cling securely to the inside of a window using static. Easily removed with no sticky residue.

Our Window Stickers are supplied in sheet format, not on a roll.

Window Stickers (also referred to as static cling window stickers) don't use an adhesive to "stick" to the window, they use static. This means they will "stick" firmly to the window but can be removed and repositioned without leaving any sticky residue. These are great for car window stickers, shop window stickers, office windows stickers and much more.

Window Stickers are applied to the inside of the window. When designing your Window Stickers you can choose from "visible from the outside" (the most common use for car window stickers or shop window stickers) or "visible from the inside". You choose from a gloss clear vinyl (your design will have a clear background) or a gloss white vinyl to get a white background.

Need clear stickers with a sticky adhesive rather than static cling?
See our clear stickers.

All of our window stickers have the following benefits:

  • Full colour, high resolution digital printing
  • Strong static cling adhesion
  • Non-yellowing
  • No setup or design fees


Minimum size: 5 x 5mm
Maximum size: 1200 x 800mm
Radius corners: Optional

Window Sticker Application Instructions

Window Stickers are applied to the inside of the window. In most cases they are visible from the outside of the window, but if required you can choose for them to be visible from the inside when designing.

Step 1

It's very important to make sure that the inside surface of the window is clean and free of dust before trying to apply the sticker. We recommend using just water, but if you use a window cleaning solution, please ensure it has completely dried or evaporated before continuing.

Step 2

Carefully peel the window sticker from the sheet, trying not to touch the "sticky" surface underneath.

Step 3

Gently stick down one edge of the sticker (such as the right hand side). Run a flat edge (such as a credit card) across the sticker (from right to left in this example) to prevent air from being trapped underneath the sticker.

Step 4

Once the sticker has been applied, check for any air bubbles beneath the vinyl. If air is trapped, use your finger or a credit card to push the air to the outside of the sticker. If this doesn't work, carefully remove the sticker and try again from Step 1.

Printing White Ink on Clear Window Stickers

Currently our website doesn't support printed white ink, but we can print white ink onto clear window stickers if required. On the website, if you choose white for your text colour on a clear window sticker, it will assume that you want it to be clear.

We automatically print white ink beneath all colours in the design (including website orders) to improve the visibility on darker substrates. If you require white text to be printed, you have two options:

    Option 1

    Choose a very light grey colour from the website's colour pallette. If you click on the 'Advanced' tab and scroll down the the box marked with a # character, enter "fcfcfc".

    This colour will print so light it will be almost invisible, but as the text now has a colour value, white will be printed beneath it, making the text print white on the final sticker.

    Option 2

    Contact us via the contact form and attach your artwork. We can process your artwork manually to enable the printed white text. If you need printed white in your logo, this is the only option, as the website cannot determine whether pure-white areas in your logo should be printed with white ink, or left clear.

    Technical Information

    To view the technical datasheet for this product, please visit our technical datasheets page.

    We digitally print using a high resolution 4 colour (CMYK) process to print all logos, text and background colours onto the stickers. When printing your design onto any of the vinyls other than white, the white sections of your design will become clear, which (in the case of the clear vinyl) will show through the surface that the sticker is applied to.

    Pantone® Colours
    If Pantone® colours are used in your design we will use the CMYK Pantone® matching system to print your stickers using CMYK inks. Please note: There are many Pantone® colours that cannot be accurately matched using CMYK colours. If you use a Pantone® colour that cannot be matched it will be converted to the closest CMYK colour available. If printing on a vinyl other than white, the colour or effect of the vinyl may affect the final printed colour.

    Please Note
    All email orders will be given a PDF proof before production. Orders placed on the website will be approved as part of the ordering process.

    Product FAQs

    How are the window stickers supplied?

    All of our custom window stickers are supplied in an easy-to-peel sheet format, not on a roll.

    Should I apply the window sticker to the inside or outside of the window?

    Our window stickers should be applied to the inside of the window. When you design on our website you will be able to choose from "design visible from the outside" and "design visible from the inside". Most people choose "visible from the outside" as window stickers are typically applied to the inside of a shop window so customers outside the shop can read them.

    Can they be applied to curved windows?

    Our window stickers can be applied on lightly curved surfaces like some car windows, but they are not designed to be deformed in 3D.

    What is the difference between window stickers and clear stickers?

    Clear stickers use adhesive to stick to their substrate, but window stickers use static. This means that there is no sticky residue when you remove them and they can be reapplied, repositioned and reused.

    Can you print the window stickers in reverse?

    Our window stickers are printed in reverse by default, so when the sticker is applied to the inside of the window, the graphic is visible from the outside. In some cases customers want to apply the stickers to the inside of the window to be visible from the inside, so you can choose your preference when designing on our website. 

    What is the minimum and maximum size for a window sticker?

    Minimum size: 5 x 5mm
    Maximum size: 1200 x 800mm
    Radius corners: Optional

    What shapes can I choose from?

    Our window stickers are available in almost any shape you can think of. On our website you can choose from: Rectangle, Square, Circle, Stadium, Diamond and Oval. Once you have chosen your shape you will have full control of the width, height and corner radius (if applicable) to tailor it to your requirements.

    If you would like to specify a custom shape or have the window sticker contour-cut around the edge of your design / logo, please contact us, attach your logo and explain your requirements. Our graphic designers will be happy to put together a design for you to approve.

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