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Flexstyle Stickers

  • Revolutionary 3D textured stickers
  • Deep texturing and detail
  • Glossy, metallic, non-metallic and clear
  • Durable and thick with intricate detail
  • Supplied with application tape applied

Flexstyle Stickers

Flexstyle is a revolutionary new 3D sticker product that gives you texture, detail and colour like no other. Clear, metallic and non-metallic finishes available.

Flexstyle stickers are ideal for use on hard, flat surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal and wood. The use of Flexstyle stickers on surfaces that may contain an oil finish such as silicon or Teflon is not recommended. Flexstyle stickers are intended for indoor use only and are not made to withstand outdoor conditions.

To apply the Flexstyle stickers, first make sure that the surface you're applying to is clean. Remove the backing material, place the sticker in position, press down firmly across the entire design then remove the clear top carrier.

Minimum order: 500 stickers (smaller quantities available on request)
Production time: Approximately 4-6 weeks

Please Note: Flexstyle stickers take much longer to produce than our other sticker products. The average lead time for delivery of Flexstyle stickers from a confirmed artwork and payment is 4-6 weeks.

All of our Flexstyle stickers have the following benefits:

  • Unique 3D printed stickers
  • Intricate detail
  • Deep textured finish
  • Choice of metallic, non-metallic and transparent finishes


Minimum size: 15 x 15mm
Maximum size: 150 x 150mm
Thickness: 2mm (approximately)
Minimum text size within a design: 0.4mm high
Minimum text size for floating text: 1mm high
Minimum distance between floating elements: 1mm


For this product, please contact us for a quote.

Additional Charges

Digital Artworks / Simulations: £25
Setup Charge: £50 (includes 4 physical samples)
Postage & Packaging: £10.95

All prices are in Pounds Sterling (£) and exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. Stickers International reserve the right to change prices at any time without notice.

Technical Information

We digitally print using a high resolution 4 colour (CMYK) process to print all logos, text and background colours onto our products.

Pantone® Colours
If Pantone® colours are used in your design we will use the CMYK Pantone® matching system to print your stickers using CMYK inks. Please note: There are many Pantone® colours that cannot be accurately matched using CMYK colours. If you use a Pantone® colour that cannot be matched it will be converted to the closest CMYK colour available. Colour matching is not guaranteed. Neon, glitter and reflective colors are not available.

Please Note
All Flexstyle orders require a PDF proof before production. See the "Pricing" tab for more information.

Product FAQs

How are the Flexstyle stickers supplied?

All Flexstyle stickers are supplied individually, not on a sheet or a roll. They are supplied with a carrier on the top and the bottom of the design so that pre-spaced floating text and logos can be applied in one go.

What is the minimum and maximum size for a Flexstyle sticker?

Minimum size: 15 x 15mm
Maximum size: 150 x 150mm
Thickness: 2mm (approximately)
Minimum text size within a design: 0.4mm high
Minimum text size for floating text: 1mm high
Minimum distance between floating elements: 1mm

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