Stickers International

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Stickers on sheets

All of our custom stickers are supplied in an easy-to-peel sheet format. The sheets are usually A4 in size but this can vary depending on the size of sticker chosen and the quantity ordered. Stickers larger than A3 will be supplied individually.

Premium Paper Labels are always supplied in sheets slightly larger than A3.

Vinyl Stickers

Digitally printed vinyl stickers available in any size from 5x5mm up to a massive 1700x1270mm. Fantastic durability even when situated outdoors.

Metallic Stickers

Digitally printed metallic vinyl stickers. Materials include: brushed silver, brushed gold, chrome silver, chrome gold, chrome rose gold & rainbow chrome.

Clear Stickers

Digitally printed clear vinyl stickers. Your design is printed onto a waterproof transparent vinyl. Great for printing complex logos without a white background.

Domed Stickers

Digitally printed vinyl stickers with a scratch-resistant domed coating to protect your company logo or design. Perfect for product branding!

Premium Paper Labels

Digitally printed premium paper labels on sheets. Great for indoor and temporary outdoor applications.

Floor Graphic Stickers

Digitally printed floor graphics and floor stickers. R12 slip resistance and B1 fire safety certified. Easy to apply, reposition and remove.

Window Stickers

Digitally printed static-cling window stickers. They cling securely to the inside of a window using static. Easily removed with no sticky residue.

Perforated Window Stickers

Digitally printed perforated one-way window stickers. From the inside it's like looking through a tinted window, but people outside see your design / logo.

Reflective Stickers

Digitally printed, high visibility (Hi-Viz) reflective vinyl stickers. Any size from 5x5mm up to 800x550mm. Great for vehicle stickers and safety stickers.

Glow In The Dark Stickers

Digitally printed glow-in-the-dark vinyl stickers. Excellent visibility at night or when the lights go out. Perfect for safety signs.